The next page: A wife is a wife

The next page: A wife is a wife

Mary, I am very sick and tired of my personal girlfriends resting as much as our home most of the today! However, We continue my personal tale. A few weeks passed following dating – all of our parents contended concerning dowry. I didn’t determine if they’d contended for real, but anyhow, it’s unbecoming getting Russians so you’re able to hurry through the means of dating. Ultimately, my mother become getting ready me personally on bride-to-be-show.

The afternoon was available in springtime. Leshka along with his moms and dads earliest cruised within their carriage, adorned having bells and you may yellow ribbons, along the community (to defend against worst spirits), finally, found our home. This time around, I first saw Leshka inside the most useful gowns, their hair combed very carefully, and exactly how reasonable, exactly how handsome are the guy! Their mothers inspected our house, barns, our yard, praising my dad to have their wisdom and you will frugality. After that, our fathers slapped hands within the arrangement, got away a large metal lock, locked they and you will threw aside the key, supplying the secure into the newlyweds to own safekeeping. This new agreement was now done, and i decided to go to share with my girls it’s time to gather to possess an excellent devichnik.

I am very sick and tired of this type of solemn legal proceeding!

Tomorrow, it’s per week you to these are generally existence here. Only yesterday, the girls required towards bathhouse and wash myself, as if I became an excellent corpse – indeed, this might be a symbol of me personally dying because the a single girl being reborn once the a bride. (more…)

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