Blogs analysis: Textual properties out-of pages considered totally new

Blogs analysis: Textual properties out-of pages considered totally new

Hypothesis 1 proposed that perceived profile text originality increases perceptions of profile owners’ intelligence which, in turn, positively affect perceptions of profile owners’ attractiveness and dating intention. Results indicated that perceived text originality was indeed a significant predictor of perceived intelligence: owners of profile texts that scored higher on originality also received higher scores on perceived intelligence, b = 0.56, SE = 0.03, p < .001,>

The second hypothesis stated that perceived profile text originality positively affects attractiveness perceptions and dating intention through higher humor perceptions. As hypothesized, higher scores on perceived profile text originality significantly predicted higher scores on humor perceptions, b = 0.45, SE = 0.02, p < .001,>

Hypothesis 3 posed that perceived profile text originality negatively impacts attractiveness and dating intentions through increased oddness perceptions. In contrast with H3, higher profile text originality scores led to lower scores on perceptions of profile owners’ oddness, b = -0.21, SE = 0.04, p < .001,>

Once dealing with to the mediators, perceived text originality no longer is a serious predictor of all of the three attractiveness dimensions, showing complete mediation (physical: b = -0.04, SE = 0.03, p = .268, CI: -0.ten, 0.03, social: b = 0.03, SE = 0.03, p = .385, CI: -0.04, 0.09, romantic: b = 0.03, SE = 0.05, p = .five-hundred, CI: -0.07, 0.13). It appears you to definitely understood profile text message creativity just affects the latest attractiveness details through the around three mediating variables. The mediators partly mediate the effect off seen character text creativity into the dating purpose, due to the fact lead impact has been extreme shortly after dealing with on the mediators, b = 0.04, SE = 0.01, p = .007, CI: 0.01, 0.07. For this reason, text message creativity affects relationships objectives through enhanced attitudes of intelligence and you will sense of humor and you may diminished thinking of oddness. not, creativity including yourself affects relationships intentions, implying one to other factors you will after that establish it matchmaking Fig step three.

Results of the four mediation analyses displaying that the effect of perceived profile text originality on (a) physical attractiveness is mediated by perceived intelligence and humor, and that the effect of profile text originality is mediated by perceived intelligence, humor, and oddness for (b) social attractiveness, (c) romantic attractiveness, and (d) dating intention, but for oddness in the opposite direction than hypothesized. The coefficients represent the unstandardized coefficients. Note. ** p < .001,>


The newest impact research confirmed the hypothesis you to sensed profile text originality affects perception formation. Owners of profiles rating higher toward text message originality were analyzed due to the fact way more practical and you will humorous and you can, consequently, much more attractive, help H1 and you will H2. not, compared to our very own standards, high text creativity ratings negatively inspired attitudes out-of profile customer’s oddness. H3 wasn’t served: Large results to the identified oddness got a bad impact on appeal, but people who own alot more modern profiles were not recognized as alot more, however, since reduced, weird.

These investigation showed that, complete, perceptions away from reputation text message originality absolutely apply at impressions of your own profile customer’s character and you may attractiveness. Yet not, this type of abilities don’t show which specific attributes of this new profile text message connect with thinking from creativity. Hence, we currently check out a material research to identify and this reputation text functions boost thinking of originality.


Within section, i describe the two stages of the coding process that had been done inside exploratory studies to answer the study matter on this new textual qualities one to assume the latest recognized creativity from matchmaking profile messages. It point very first account with the qualitative analyses använda denna länk i did so you can compile an effective codebook consisting of multiple head kinds that have been seized because of the features, with a very outlined malfunction of your articles studies stage where every 308 pages was coded on 15 enjoys of your own codebook. The complete codebook have the net Secondary Material and on OSF.

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